Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you do custom orders?

Absolutely! We specialize in one of a kind pieces. Let us know what you’re looking for, we’d love to help with your custom concrete or wood designs.

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Do we need to reinforce our cabinets?

Concrete is as heavy as any other natural stone. No extra precautions or reinforcements need to be made to use concrete. Good installation and construction practices should yield great results.

Can the concrete be outside in the winter?

Yes, the concrete and sealer are ok to be outside all year long.

How long does it take to get my order?

Your order is placed on our production schedule when payment (or down payment) is received. It depends on our production schedule at the time you place your order. We will do our best to keep you up to date!

Does the concrete stain?

The concrete will be sealed to prevent staining. However even though they are very stain resistant we still recommend good cleaning practices. Spills should be cleaned off the surface as soon as possible. Especially anything containing citrus. Citrus left on the surface for a prolonged period of time can etch the surface.

Does concrete scratch easily?

Although concrete surfaces are extremely sturdy, they are not impervious to scratches from sharp objects and abrasive cleaning supplies.

What kind of maintenance is required?

Our countertops and sinks are sealed with 6 coats of a commercial grade sealer. No regular maintenance is required, besides normal cleaning of course. Depending on use, your piece may need to be resealed at some point. Bathroom Vanity Tops and sinks generally never need to be resealed. Kitchen countertops between 5-10 years.

How do I clean my new countertops?

Most normal cleaning products are fine for cleaning. You want to avoid anything that has a citrus base, or abrasive material (Ajax & steel wool).

Can you place hot pans directly on the surface?

While the sealer is rated to 500 degrees. We still recommend the use of hot pads or trivets. The hot pan could cause discoloration of the concrete.

What is the Return Policy? What if I need to cancel?

Since all of Wood and Stone Design’s products are custom made-to-order items. We cannot accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. 

After production has started, changes to your order are not possible. Wood and Stone Designs will make every effort to honor any requests to change orders, but additional charges may be incurred and we reserve the right to reject such requests at our sole discretion. 

How long will my custom order take?

We make every effort to get you your order as soon as possible. Once you approve the quote, and we finalize details. We will send an invoice. The order is placed on our production schedule when payment or down payment is received. Delivery time varies based on our schedule at the time the order is placed.

What if I still have a question you didn’t address here?

If you’re looking for more answers, please email us We’re happy to answer any questions you might have in order to help you learn if concrete is right for you and your home!